Zanj Spice Limited Vs Zuri Organics Limited and Another, Civil Case no 1 of 2023.

This case concern about admisnbility of WhatsApp Data message in Courts (Tanzania), Read a short summary below and Then Download it.

WhatsApp data message stored in a mobile phone when it is printed out fall under electronic evidence as computer-print out or computergenerated document.

Now again back to the case at hand, the issue is whether such exhibit passed the test above as per requirements stated of section 18 of the ETA.

PW1 when testifying said his phone is model known as iPhone ll pro, it is encrypted and is working properly, he has stated the same was used to communicate with the second defendant via WhatsApp number…while the second defendant used WhatsApp. Number…

PW1 was in possession by the time he testified and actually showed it to the court, is the one he used to connect to his computer and printed out the said document.

In view of the above, in consideration of the laws stated above, I am of considered opinion he has demonstrated enough the requirement of the law in proving integrity and authenticity of the said WhatsApp print out.

Nevertheless, according to the evidence tendered on the above two clusters, the evidence of PW1 being the owner of the two devices and knows well how to operate them, is enough and in my opinion no need of affidavit or any endorsement by anyone to authenticate them.