Yusufu Hamisi Mushi and Another vs Abubakar khalid Haji and 2 others, Civil Appeal no 575/01 of 2021

This case provide ground of review in court of appeal as Tanzania legal system concern. The court hard this to say:

Finally, we find it ideal to make one general comment. It is
significant that litigants and their legal counsel keep in mind at all times that under the Constitution, the Court of Appeal of Tanzania is the highest appellate body in the court structure in this jurisdiction, with none above it.

There is no subject that can challenge its decision on
appeal, covertly or overtly, because it is sound public policy that litigation must come to an end, and does so fairly, expeditiously and as much as
possible, affordably.

Review, though a remedy under the law, the relief is extremely limited in scope and it is restricted as to range and coverage of the matters to include in it. The power to consider granting the relief,
is likewise rarely invoked, and cautiously exercised. It can only be granted if the application meets any of the criteria set out at rule 66 (1) of the Rules. All these efforts to trim down the chances and possibilities
of going beyond the Court, is to try as much as it can possibly be, to balance the need to get rid of any possible error of law on the face of the record which might have escaped the Court during an appeal or other grounds under rule 66 (1) of the Rules, on one hand, against a social need, to achieve the above public policy of bringing litigation to
finality, on the other.