What are elements of demand Notice in Tanzania?

what is demand notice?

Also known as demand letter it is notice issued by intended plaintiff to intended defendant to grasp him to fulfill his obligations in specific date before going to the court of law.

What are the key element of demand notice?

A demand notice have many elements but to mention the main as follows;

  1. adress and date of document;
  2. introduction Part. Here you introduced as who are you in this notice.
  3. clear and concise demand letter with clear language known to intended defendant.
  4. a concise statement of claim; here you will write what B did to you as your agrieved eg he breached Contract and other factors.
  5. Time flame of compliance; Here you will give B Time within which to fulfill the demand mostly is 7 to 14 days.
  6. Authentication, here signature of person who making the demand.

Does demand notice mandatory in Tanzania?

its not mandatory its optional but fail to issue you may not awarded cost in the court.

Does anyone may write demand notice or Attorney only?

Anyone agrieved by Act of another especially in civil matyer may write himself or by hiring an advocate.

Download a sample of demand notice in Tanzania by searching in this website.