The Prevention and combating of Corruption Act. [Chapter 329, Re. 2022]

Download The Prevention and combutting of Corruption Act of Tanzania as revised 2022. Read short summary and Then Download it.

WHEREAS corruption is an obstacle to principles of democracy, good
governance and human rights and poses a threat to peace, tranquility
and security in the society.

AND WHEREAS the Government has resolved to undertake
protracted measures that would ensure that Tanzania remains a
corruption free State adhering to the principles of freedom, equality,
justice, brotherhood, peace and wherein all people are equal and every
person has a right to ownership and protection of property acquired by
lawful means.

AND WHEREAS technological changes ushered in by globalization
and development of science in communication and information
technology has made it necessary to re-institute the Bureau, to devise
modern tactics and strategies of preventing and combating corruption,
and to review the current legal framework for the purposes of enabling
the Bureau to effectively control corruption and corrupt practices;

AND WHEREAS it is necessary to make comprehensive provisions
for the prevention, investigation and combating of corruption and
related offences and to ensure that the Bureau conducts its operations
independently and performs its functions effectively;

NOW THEREFORE, be it ENACTED by Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. Download it below.