The Law Of Limitation Act, Cap 89, Re.2019.

are you looking for The law of Limitation Act in Tanzania? Here it summary of it and Pdf of the law at the end of the summary:

The Law of Limitation Act is an important piece of legislation that protects the rights of defendants. It ensures that people cannot bring claims after a long period of time has passed, which can make it difficult for defendants to defend themselves.

Here is a summary of the key provisions of the Law of Limitation Act (Re.2019) of Tanzania:

  • The Act prescribes the time limits within which a person must bring a claim in court.
  • The limitation periods vary depending on the type of claim.
  • There are a number of exceptions to the limitation periods.
  • The Act also provides for the extension of the limitation period in certain cases.

If you are considering bringing a claim in court, it is important to be aware of the limitation periods. If you fail to bring your claim within the relevant limitation period, your right to sue may be lost.

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