The High Court (Commercial Division) Procedure (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (G.N. 107)

The High Court (Commercial Division) Procedure (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (G.N. 107) are a set of rules that amend the High Court (Commercial Division) Procedure Rules, 2012. The amendments are intended to streamline the commercial litigation process and make it more efficient.

Key changes introduced by the Amendment Rules include:

  • Introduction of a pre-trial conference: The Court may now order a pre-trial conference to identify the issues in dispute, narrow the scope of the proceedings, and attempt to settle the case.
  • Extension of the time for filing pleadings: The time for filing pleadings has been extended from 14 days to 15 days.
  • Simplified procedure for entry of ex parte judgment: The Court may now enter an ex parte judgment where a party fails to file a written statement of defence.
  • Stricter requirements for adjournments: The Court will not grant further adjournments after the first adjournment if all parties fail to attend the pre-trial conference.

The Amendment Rules also make a number of other minor changes to the Commercial Division Procedure Rules.

The overall goal of the Amendment Rules is to make the commercial litigation process more efficient and effective. The rules are intended to encourage parties to resolve their disputes as early as possible, and to reduce the time and expense of litigation.