Download The criminal procedure Act , Re. 2022 of Tanzania.

Before downloading Tha law let me Pass you through in a short but comprehesive sumary of the act and in the end you will download it.

Therefore, here is a summary of the Criminal Procedure Act in Tanzania (2022) This Act also known as CPA.

The Criminal Procedure Act (CPA)  is divided into 12 parts, each of which deals with a different aspect of criminal procedure. Some of the key topics covered by the CPA include:

Arrest and detention.

The CPA sets out the rules for how a person can be arrested and detained. It also sets out the rights of a person who has been arrested, such as the right to be informed of the reason for their arrest, the right to remain silent, and the right to legal representation.

Investigation of offences

 The CPA sets out the powers of the police to investigate offences. This includes the power to search premises, seize evidence, and interview suspects.

Prosecution of offences

The CPA sets out the procedures for prosecuting offences a fair trial.includes Rights for re arrest a supsecrs after court prosecution side drops the charge.


The CPA sets out the rules for granting bail to an accused person. Bail is a guarantee that an accused person will appear in court for their trial.

Trial of offences

The CPA sets out the procedures for the trial of offences. This includes the right of an accused person to a fair trial, the role of the judge or magistrate, and the rules of evidence.


The CPA sets out the powers of the court to sentence an offender. This includes the types of sentences that can be imposed, such as imprisonment, fines, and community service.


The CPA sets out the rights of an accused person to appeal against a conviction or sentence. This includes the right to appeal to a higher court, such as the High Court or the Court of Appeal.


The CPA sets out the procedures for reviewing the conviction or sentence of an accused person. This can be done by the Director of Public Prosecutions or by the High Court.

The CPA is a vital part of the criminal justice system in Tanzania. It provides the legal framework for investigating, prosecuting, and trying criminal cases. It also protects the rights of suspects and accused persons in Tanzania.

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