Sano Sadiki and another vs Republic, Criminal appeal No 623 of 2021.

Thus case provide a new principal to accused personal spent in prison or custody to be deducted from Their purnishment when they found guilty. Has court held:

Be it as it may, we think that had the learned trial Judge applied her mind to the provisions of section 172 (2) (c) of the CPA, she would have taken into consideration the period the appellants had spent in prison
before they were sentenced. Under the circumstances, mindful of section 4 (1) of the AJA and section 172(2) (c) of the CPA, we are constrained to invoke our revisional powers bestowed on us under section 4 (2) of the

AJA and deduct the period of six years and nine months from the sentence of twenty years imprisonment. Thus, the appellants shall serve a custodial
sentence of thirteen years and three months from 05/11/2021 when they were convicted and sentenced. Get your copy below: