Patrick s/o omari @Richard vs Director of Public Prosecution, Criminal appeal no 236 of 2019.

This case among other things it talks about 👇.

Sometimes later, the appellant is said to have gone to the
victim’s room purportedly to assist her to take bath. He allegedly took
her from the bed and sat her on the chair.

He undressed her and
started bathing her. After bathing her, he took her back to the bed
and applied oil over her. While on bed, he went on to have sexual
intercourse with her, without her consent.

Before the trial court, the victim recounted how she raised the
alarm seeking help but no one came to her rescue. After satisfying his seemingly irresistible sexual urge, the appellant went over to one
Evance Salanga PW3’s (appellant’s uncle’s) house leaving the victim behind still crying for help, As a result, PW3 heard the victim’s alarm
whereupon he decided to go and check on her.

On reaching there,
PW3 saw the victim bleeding. She then told him she was raped by
the appellant. Assisted by his brother, they arrested and held him for a while before they whisked him to the Police Station at Sumbawanga where the appellant was held longer to complete investigation into
the rape incident.

The court found man guilty and sentence 30 years in jail.