Navigating Drone Registration Procedures in Tanzania: A Comprehensive Guide.

Summary: This article provides a concise overview of the drone registration process in Tanzania. It covers essential topics such as registration procedures, conditions, terms of use, registration fees, pilot registration, and other pertinent matters, offering readers a clear understanding of the regulatory landscape for drones in the country.

What is drones?

Drones are unmanned aircraft that can be remotely controlled or programmed to fly autonomously. They are used for various purposes, such as aerial photography, surveillance, delivery, and scientific research

Can i own drones in Tanzania?

The answer is yes you may have by fullfuling following conditions;

A person shall be eligible to own a RPAS if he is- Regulations 5 of The Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2018, Gn no 758 provide the conditios. As follows:

(a) a Tanzanian citizen; 

(b) a resident in the United Republic of Tanzania;

(c) a company registered in the United Republic of Tanzania; or

(d) the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Can i import drones in Tanzania?

Yes you may import drones in Tanzania but you must fit in the following creterias;

Eligibility to import drones in Tanzania according to regulation 6 of the The Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2018, Gn no 758.

(1) A person shall not import a RPAS or a component 

of a RPAS without a permit issued by the Authority. 

(2) A person who intends to export a Tanzanian registered RPAS shall notify the Authority in writing and obtain a deregistration certificate. 

How to register drones in Tanzania?

Drones in Tanzania are registered according to regulation 8 of The Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2018, Gn no 758. The procedures as follows:

8.-(1) The owner of RPA shall submit an application for registration or operation of RPA to the Authority.

(2) The owner of RPA shall submit to the Authority-

(a) an application form provided in First Schedule to these Regulations provides information about the 

remotely piloted aircraft and contact information for the remotely piloted aircraft owner;

(b) evidence of ownership (such as a bill of sale); and

(c) the registration fee of one hundred United States Dollars or its equivalent in Tanzanian Shillings.

what are application form for Drones Registration in Tanzania?

below is a form which you may use in Drones Registration.

Can i use drone jn Tanzania without Registration?

The answer is No according to Regulation 7.(1) provides that;

A person shall not operate a remotely piloted  aircraft within the United Republic of Tanzania unless the remotely piloted aircraft has been registered by the Authority and a certificate of registration has been issued in accordance with these Regulations.

Application for pilot Registration for drones.

According to regulation 47.-(1) provides that: An applicant for a remote pilot licence with a RPAS rating under these Regulations shall make the application in a form and manner acceptable to the Authority.

(2) The application shall include:

(a) a knowledge test report showing that the applicant passed an initial aeronautical knowledge test, or 

recurrent aeronautical knowledge test; 

(b) a declaration signed by the applicant stating that the 

applicant does not know or have reason to know that he has a physical or mental condition that would interfere with the safe operation of a RPAS; and

(c) proof of payment of two hundred United States Dollars or its equivalent in Tanzanian shillings for 

remote pilot licence issuance.

can i use drones for private or sports and recrerional activities in Tanzania?

According to regulation 57. Of The Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Regulations, 2018, Gn no 758 provides that;

 A person shall not operate a RPAS for private  purposes except with prior authorisation issued by the Authority and subject to the conditions contained therein.

What is penalty for using drones without authorizations in Tanzania?

Accirding to regulation 72(2) provides That, A person who operates a RPAS, without  authorisation commits an offence and on conviction shall be liable to a fine of not exceeding one million shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both.

Are drones allowed in Tanzania?

The answer is yes it allowed but you need to register it and have authority to use in different places.

How do i get drone license in Tanzania?

Anyone with eligiblity as provided under regulation 8 above may have licence by application to the Authorities.

Can i fly with drone in serenget park, or kilimanjaro?

The answer is no you can not not fly in the recretional places without permission being sought and granted by authority.

Can i use drones in Zanzibar?

The answer is yes you may use it by following the guidlines if the Authority concern.

Its legal ti fly with drones in Tanzania?

Yes it legal to fly with it but the drines needed be registered by authority and permision to use is granted the same.

What is RAPS?

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)” means a remotely 

piloted aircraft, its associated remote pilot station(s), the required command and control links and any other components as specified in the type designs.

How much fee for registering Drones in Tanzania?

It depends with category of your drone but starts ro charge from 100 US dollars.

Important Notes:

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