Mastering The Procedures of Registering Mortgage in Tanzania.

Procedure of registration of mortgage in Tanzania.

Procedures in registering a mortgage in Tanzania is divided into various stages which borrower should follow as follows;

Preliminary stage.

In this stage an applicant foe loan find a good lender (financial institutions)  who may land monry alwasys by using his property, Thi one wants to know, interest, moeny for such property, Terms and durations of Contract.

Engagement stage

After one choose a financial institutions in this stage has ro obtain all required documents and submiit to the financial institution for perusal amd agreementPayment.

Valuation stage

In this stage lender examine the propertt by usinga government valuers in order to ascetain a current market price of property.

Drafting stage 

In this stage lender and lendee deaft mortgage deed and both parties will sign the deed and to be attestated by Advocate.

Registration stage

This parr will pay Registrtion fees as well as other fees for registration of mortgage to the registrar.


What is mortgage?

A mortgage is a type of loan that allows individuals to borrow money from a financial institution (such as a bank or lender) to purchase real estate, such as a house or property. The property itself acts as collateral, and the borrower is required to make regular payments, including both principal and interest, over a specified period until the loan is fully repaid.

What is Registration fees for mortgage?

The total cost of registering a mortgage in Tanzania is about 10000  above and this may vary depending on the size of the mortgage registered.

Documents used in Registration of mortgage?

Original Title deed

Mortgage deed

Notification (land form no 29) 

Spouse consent or affidavit

Tax cleareance certificate

Cureent land rent receipt

Staml duty receipt

Valuation report

Can mortgage property be sold in Tanzania?

Yes in Tanzania mortgaged property may be sold to bonafide purchaser and this happen when borrower fails to pay according to contract.

Which asset can be mortgaged?

Any property with value may be Farm, house, Motorcycle, Car and other lawfully property in Tanzania.

What is law for creation mortgage in Tanzania?

Laws governing creations of mortgage in Tanzania are The Land Act [Cap 113, Re. 2019] and The land Registration Act [cap 334. Re. 2019] Read together with their rules and Regulations.

What is third party mortgage?

Its type of mortgage in which borrower use property of third party as collateral to secure mortgage.