Mastering A procedure for Registering Tourism Company in Tanzania.

Are you looking on Procedures of Registering your Tourism company to According to tourism law in Tanzania. 

Here are procedures from the Tousrism Act, of 2008 invarious sections, from section 10, 11, 13 and 21.

🔴Any person who is conducting, operating or intends to  conduct or operate a tourism facility or activity which is required to be  registered or graded under this Act shall apply to the Director for a  certificate of registration in the form set out in the Second Schedule to this Act. 

🔴The Director shall be required to determine an application for grading of a tourism facility within forty five days following the date of 


🔴inspection of the applicant.and may –

(a) call for a report from the Health Officer; or 

(b) make or cause to be made such further investigations in 

respect ofthe tourism facility or activity.

🔴The Director shall issue to the operator of the facility or activity, a certificate of registration in the prescribed form which shall specify the registration or grade into which it has been classified. 

🔴Application for licence to the board.

🔴Get licence from the board.


Fistly you will registe your company by considering brela rules as you may read in this article

Then after registration of your company by following procedure in that article now you will procedure in this article and you will start tour Tourism activities.