Lim Han Yung and Another Vs Lucy Yreaseas Kristensen, civil appeal No 219 of 2019.

This case interalia explain about the duty of part in a case to follow up is case regardless has engaged an advocate.

In this part court held:

t is also our considered view that
even if the appellants were truthful in their allegations against their erstwhile advocates’ inaction, negligence or omission, which generally, does not amount to good cause, they themselves share the blame.

The appellants cannot throw the whole blame on their advocates. We think that a party to a case who engages the services of an advocate, has a duty to closely follow up the progress and status of his case.

A party who dumps his case to an advocate and does not make any follow ups of his case, cannot be heard complaining that he did not know and was not informed by his advocate the progress and status of his case.

Such a party cannot raise such complaints as a ground for setting aside an exparte judgment passed against him.

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