Hashim Hassani Musa Vs Dr Crispin Semakula and another, civil appeal no 515 of 2021.

This case provide a Remedy when company have only two members and conflict occurs between them and one wants to sale share but no money agreed so high court judge ordered one to give some share fee to another.

now court of appeal had this to say:

We are increasingly of the opinion that despite her goodintentioned attempts to spare the company from the peril of winding up,there is a point when her powers under the relevant laws did not permitthe learned judge to go further.

By proceeding with the determination ofthe value of shares when there was no consensus by the parties, thelearned judge was risking her decision being attacked on grounds suchas the ones featuring as grounds two, five and six in this case whichfault her for forcing the alternative remedy onto the parties without jurisdiction.

have a copy below fir further perusal.