Get familiar with How to Draft Affidavit of guarantorship in Tanzania.

what is Affidavit of guarantorship?

An Affidavit of Guarantorship is a legal document in which a person (the guarantor) makes a sworn statement to vouch for the authenticity and accuracy of certain information or to guarantee the fulfillment of a specific obligation or contract on behalf of another person.

Here si sample of affidavit of guaratorship.


I, XXXXX, an adult, male and resident of Dar es salaam P.O. Box 659, Dar es salaam in the United Republic of Tanzania do hereby solemnly swear and state as follows:-

That I am a businessman based in Dar es Salaam and Managing Director of MAK MEDIA COMPANY.

That I am the best friend and sponsor of Mr. YYYYY who has been admitted to join Cape Town University in the South Africa to pursue a bachelor degree in Law.

That the said course commences on the January of 10th 2023 for a maximum duration of (4) years.

That I undertake to take full responsibility (through my afore mentioned company) for any charges in travelling and educational expenses throughout his stay in South Africa and all other incidental costs as the case may be.

That I undertake to be responsible for all acts and / omission that will be committed by the applicant throughout his stay in Africa and vice versa.

That I humbly pray that the applicant is granted a visa to enter the United State of America for his studies.

What it stated here in above is true to the best of my own knowledge.

Dated at Dar es Salaam this ….day of …..2023.



SWORN at Dar es Salaam by the said XXX who is known to me personally this … of ….2023