Forms for termination of contract of employment in Tanzania.

Contract of employment may be terminated by various ways in Tanzania the notable ones are the following:

These also know as valid causes or reasons for termination of employment contract in Tanzania.

Termination due to Misconduct.
This happens where employee failure to conduct in rightful way in course of employme

According to rule 12 of the Employment and Labour Relations ( Code of Good Practice) Rules of 2007 This happen where unsuitability of the employee due to his character and dispositions or that he relates badly with fellow employees and clients or with other persons key to the business.

Termination by an agreement.
This happen where employer and employee agrees to terminate an contract by mutual agreement for example in football this happens most as mayele did with yanga.

Automatic termination
Rule 5 of the Employment and labour Relations Act (Code of Good Practise) Rules 2007, provides that where employer and employee agreed to wok in certain issue when the matter complete and automatically contract ends.

This happen where employee resign himself from a work due to various lawful reason and he or she notify employer his intention to do so.

This happen when employees reach contract years for retirement provided in the law, as in Tanzania public servant has forcefully termination when has 60 years and have chance to apply for it when has reached 55 years.

This is one of the automatic termination forms recognized under rule 5(4) of the Employment and labour Relations Act (Code of Good Practise) Rules 2007. Also, under Regulation 32 of the Public Service Regulations 2003.

Dispute of interest.
This happen where an employee abscond himself from a work for need something to happen for example when employee need high salary and can not work until that needs mate if employer does not meet that agreement automatically contract ends.

Constructive termination
This is by virtue of section .36(a)(ii) of The employment and labour Relations Act [Cap 366, Re.2019] and, Rule 3(1)(b) and Rule 7 of the Employment and labour Relations Act (Code of Good Practise) Rules 2007.

Mostly occurs in instances where the employer makes the working environment of the employee intolerable in older for the employee to resign.

In such instances the law calls that as constructive termination in the sense that it is as good as that the employer has terminated the employee.

Operational requirements.
This happens when employer notify an employee has reached at point want to terminate him or her through retrenchment, this retrenchment done when employee has three matters facing which are economic reasons, technological change, structural or similar needs of the employer which force employer to reduce number of employees.

This provided under section 38 of the Act and rule 26-24 of the Employment and labour Relations Act (Code of Good Practise) Rules 2007.

This is when employee fails to deliver what needed to deliver according to job description and other instructions from employer.

Expiry of the Contract of Employment.
This happens when employment contract come to an end and employer refuse to renew the contract this termed as termination of contract by this form.