Procedures for Application of Working Permit in Tanzania.

Learn on how to apply for working permit in Tanzania, fees, conditions, penalty, documents, And other related.

How do i get work permit in Tanzania?
You may get a work permit in Tanzania by applying to labour commissioner for your sake.. This is according to regulation 3 of The Non citizens (Employment Regulation) Regualation 2016

How much is Tanzania work permit?
Its 500 Dollars to 5 years and highest is 1000 dollars for the same years. Therefore its cost effective to work in Tanzania.

How long does work permit take in Tanzania?
This depends on number of application but usually takes one to two weeks and late for 30 days.

How to apply for working permit in Tanzania outside of country?
You may be in chinna, USA, kenya and other countries and you may apply this online through ministy fo land website in Tanzania. You may make your Application through

May i renew my Working permit in Tanzania?
Yes you may renew it within twoonths before expiration date, this is according to regulation 17 of the above regualtion.

What is remedy when labour Commissioner refuses to grant ir renew a working permit in Tanzania?
Your remedy is to appeal within thirty (30) Days to minister for lands and housing tribunal in Tanzania. This is according to regulation.

What effect of residing Tanzania when my working permit expired?
You will face penalty of 2500 Dollars or six months imprisonment or both.

What are conditions for Working permit Application?

These are requirements needed before to have apply for working permit in Tanzania as shown below in image.

Documents needed for application of working permit in Tanzania.

According to regualation 4(2)a of The Non citizens (Employment Regulation) Regualation 2016,provide for list of document accompained in application of working permit class A, as follows;

letter justifying why a work permit should be granted.

Two recent passport-size photographs.

A copy of a valid passportSectorial approvals (where applicable)

Previous work permit (for renewal application)

A copy industrial license, business or operating license.

A copy of certificate of Tax Identification Number (TIN).

A copy of certificate of Value Added Tax (where applicable)

.A copy of certificate of incorporation or business name and extract from the Registrar of companies.

Memorandum and Articles of Association (where applicable)

Documents that should accompany an application for work permit Class B, C and According to regualation 4(2)(b) of The Non citizens (Employment Regulation) Regualation 2016 are the following!

Contract of employment or engagement duly signed by relevant parties.

Job or engagement description.

Curriculum vitae of non-citizen.

Two recent passport-size photographs.

Copy of academic or professional certificates of non-citizen.

Copy of accreditation certificate from respective professional entities (where applicable).

Certified translation of certificates or documents by competent authority like Embassy, Consular etc.

Copy of a valid passport.Previous work permit (for renewal application).

Copy of industrial, business or operating license.

Copy of certificate of incorporation or business name.

Memorandum and Articles of Association.

A succession plan (for renewals)Sectorial approval (where applicable).

Certificate of Incentive (if any).

Categories or Classes of working Permit in Tanzania.

(a) Class A which shall be issued to a foreign investor who is a self-employed;

(b) Class B which shall be issued to a non-citizen who is in possession of a prescribed profession

(c) Class C which shall be issued to a non-citizen who is in possession of such other profession;

(d) Class D which shall be issued to a non-citizen employed or engaged in a registered religious and charitable activities; and

(e) Class E which shall be issued to refugees.


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