Baltazar D Mafunga vs Registered Trustee of Sisters of our Lady of Kilimanjaro. Labour Revision No 12 of 2022.

in this case among other things provides that negotiation between the parties to setlle the matter can stop running of time?

the court had this to say:

Civil Appeal No. 144 of 2019 [2022] TZCA 433 at page 13 it was stated that:
“It is settled that communications or negotiations between the parties is not a ground
for stopping the running o f the time.”
In the instant matter the main reason for the delay advanced by the applicant was that he
was communicating with his employer several times as deponed under paragraph 7 of the applicant’s affidavit before the CMA. Guided by the above authority, his advanced reason could not hold water. Get your copy below.