Application For Naturalization of Married Women in Tanzania

are you looking on how to naturalize married woman in Tanzania?? If yes you going to learn it stpes by steps today, at the end you will learn various types of citizenship in Tanzania and duo citizenship.


The process of naturalization, through which individuals gain citizenship of a country, holds great significance for individuals and their families. 

In Tanzania, the naturalization of married women is governed by Section 11(1) of the Tanzania Citizenship Act. This provision aims to ensure that foreign-born women who marry Tanzanian citizens can seamlessly become citizens themselves.

Understanding Section 11(1):

Section 11(1) of the Tanzania Citizenship Act [Cap 357. Re. 2002] outlines the eligibility criteria and procedure for the naturalization of married women. According to this provision, a foreign-born woman who is married to a Tanzanian citizen can apply for Tanzanian citizenship through naturalization. 

This process grants her the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of a Tanzanian citizen, creating a pathway to integration and full participation in Tanzanian society.

Eligibility Criteria for naturalization of married woman in Tanzania?

To be eligible for naturalization under Section 11(1), the married woman must meet certain requirements. These typically include:

🔴Being married to a Tanzanian citizen.

🔴Being of good character and sound mind.

🔴Residing in Tanzania for a specified period, as per the Act.

🔴Demonstrating a commitment to integrate into Tanzanian society.

Application Process:

The application process for naturalization involves submitting a formal application to the relevant authorities. This application should be accompanied by necessary documentation, such as proof of marriage, proof of residence, and other supporting documents as required by the authorities.

Benefits of Naturalization in Tanzania:

The naturalization of married women in Tanzania brings several benefits:

Family Unity: Naturalization allows foreign-born women to be on the same legal footing as their Tanzanian spouses, promoting family unity.

Full Participation: Naturalized citizens can fully participate in civic and economic activities, contributing to the development of Tanzania.

Legal Rights: Naturalized citizens enjoy legal protection and the rights afforded to Tanzanian citizens.

International Mobility: Tanzanian citizenship enables travel on a Tanzanian passport, easing international mobility.

Frequent Asked Question

How many types of citizenship in Tanzania?

Tanzania recognizes three types of citizenship: citizenship by birth, citizenship by naturalization, and citizenship by descent.

Citizenship by Birth: Individuals born within the borders of Tanzania are granted citizenship automatically. This applies regardless of the nationality of the parents.

Citizenship by Naturalization: Foreign nationals can apply for Tanzanian citizenship through a process known as naturalization. This involves meeting specific residency requirements, demonstrating good conduct, and showing a commitment to the country’s values.

Citizenship by Descent: Individuals born outside Tanzania can still claim citizenship if at least one of their parents is a Tanzanian citizen. There are certain conditions that need to be met in these cases.

Does Tanzanja allow Duo citizenship?

Tanzania does not allow dual citizenship. According to Section 14 of The Tanzania Citizenship Act, if a Tanzanian citizen acquires citizenship in another country, they automatically renounce their Tanzanian citizenship. This rule is in place to uphold the nation’s identity and sovereignty.

Why Rejected Duo citizenship in Tanzania?

The rejection of dual citizenship in Tanzania stems from the concern that it could potentially undermine the country’s natural identity and sovereignty. The government aims to maintain a clear sense of allegiance among its citizens and prevent potential conflicts of interest that could arise from holding dual citizenship.


Section 11(1) of the Tanzania Citizenship Act plays a crucial role in facilitating the naturalization of married women. By granting them citizenship, Tanzania reinforces its commitment to family unity, integration, and equal rights for all citizens. The process empowers foreign-born women to become active contributors to the nation’s growth and development.

To download the naturalization application form and access further information, please visit the official website of the Tanzanian immigration authorities or Donwload it in this site below.👇