Ahmad Abdalah Kinyokwe vs Zulfa Said Makuka (as administrator of estates of the late A Makuka.

This case provides the ground of stay of execution in Tanzania legal system. Court had this to say:

we find and hold that, the applicant has proved to the required standard that indeed, if the application for stay of execution is not granted, he stands to suffer a much more loss than the respondents would suffer if the application is granted.

Given the evidence on the record, that appears to be a fact over which the parties need not quarrel long and loud. Equally important and mandatory, the
applicant has undertaken to furnish security for the due performance of the High Court decree or any other order as may bind on him, if push comes to shove. All in all, the applicant’s supporting affidavit bears out
that the two conditions for stay of execution, have been met.